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Empowering Roma in employment with The Big Issue

Equality, with financial support from The Big Issue, ran a pilot empowerment project focusing on the employment of Roma communities in Leicester in 2011. The aim of the project was to work with young Roma men and women in and around Leicester who were unemployed or seeking work. They were offered literacy, numeracy and English language classes and into-work training to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities, and thereby improving their chances of finding work, or getting into further education or training. Participants were be able to work as The Big Issue vendors whilst completing the project and were be supported by Equality and The Big Issue to explore other opportunities at the end of the pilot.

Equality has produced a factsheet on self employment and working with The Big Issue.

For more information about the project, please contact Alan Anstead.


The Big Issue


Photo: Ciara Leeming

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