What we do

Equality is a UK national support organisation that is empowering Roma to resolve employment, housing, education, healthcare and social welfare issues.  We work with Roma and the providers of these services to reduce social exclusion, discrimination and exploitation.  We also help service providers adapt their services to better meet the needs of the ethnic minority group.

Our approach:

1. Research to identify and understand areas of concern
2. Publish authoritative reports to influence positive change
3. Identify people and organisations that can make a difference
4. Convene, empower and support their problem solving

From 2012 to 2013 we aim to:

  1. empower Roma community leaders to build strong civil society organisations that forge partnerships with providers of services in education, healthcare, housing, employment and social welfare

  2. ensure employment and self-employment rights and obligations are upheld

  3. work with Roma parents to promote the benefits of education for their children and their responsibility to ensure that children attend school.

  4. map the situation of Roma across the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

  5. provide information and training to staff of local authorities and service providers on how to engage Roma communities in their areas

  6. work with national, regional and local media to ensure there is more factual and balanced reporting on Roma and migration, employment, education and social welfare issues.


Our work

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Our work

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