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Enterprise training

Empowering and informing Roma in small-scale enterprises/self-employment

Since the 2007 EU accession, Romanian and Bulgarian nationals, including the Roma, have been barred from taking most types of paid employment in the United Kingdom.  Self-employment is permitted under the current employment restrictions imposed on these nationals.  Not only does it provide the opportunity to work, but self-employed people can, subject to meeting certain criteria, qualify for benefits such as child tax credit or housing benefit.

Self-employment has been taken up by a considerable number of Roma who work as cleaners, decorators, builders etc.  However, some self-employed Roma have not been provided with adequate information on their duties and obligations in terms of paying income tax and insurance and keeping accurate records.

A project to assist Roma in Birmingham, Coventry and Manchester to understand the implications of being self-employed was run in 2012.  It offered training and advice on what processes and procedures have to be followed to comply with laws and regulations.  It also give the participants information and know-how so that they could conduct their business profitably.

Self-employment, as a source of income, should help to raise the standards of the Roma family's life and contribute to local social inclusion/social cohesion and good community relations.

This project was supported by the Allen Lane Foundation. A newsletter article from information obtained during the project on barriers to employment can be viewed here: http://eepurl.com/tyri5.

Please contact Alan Anstead if you are interested in further information about this project.

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Photo: Ustoi

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