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Empowering Roma Communities

Equality has developed a programme to empower emerging Roma community leaders in the UK to take the lead in building and maintaining strong community organisations that provide advice and assistance to their local Roma communities and forge partnerships with service providers to resolve employment, housing, healthcare, education and social welfare issues.  There are Roma who want to help their communities overcome problems. However they have been frustrated by few opportunities, with very little funding available, and their limited capacity to implement community-based projects under the criteria set by donors.

Equality's programme of capacity building, training and on-going mentoring support for Roma community leaders will cover:

- information on relevant UK legislation and regulations governing employment, housing, healthcare, education and social welfare services;

- how to provide advice and to advocate for better service provision for their communities, and resolve social cohesion issues, building the skills of dialogue, networking and communication;

- how to build and maintain sustainable community organisations;

- how to design, fundraise and implement small-scale community projects (the Roma leaders will be able to bid for micro-funding and be coached in the effective implementation of these projects).

The first programme is being held in Newcastle in 2011-13 and is supported by the Scurrah Wainwright Charity.

Please contact Alan Anstead if you would like to know more about the programme.

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Photo: Ciara Leeming

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