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Roma community needs assessments for local authorities

Do you have Roma living in your area, but not sure how to engage them to determine what government support and services they need? Equality can help you by conducting a Roma community needs assessment for your local authority area.

With the assistance of our national network of Roma contacts, Equality can research and consult members of the various national groups of Roma in your area to determine their needs and priorities so that your Council can tailor responsive and culturally sensitive services in:

  1. education

  2. employment

  3. healthcare

  4. housing

  5. social welfare advice

  6. social cohesion.

We would do this in conjunction with local service providers (government and NGO) who have already established contact and are working with the Roma community. Equality has an excellent track record in research on the Roma community in the UK and working with this ‘hard-to-reach’ ethnic group.

In addition to Roma community needs assessment, Equality can also:

  1. train and coach Roma to establish their own community organisations that provide advice and assistance

  2. help you to identify, appoint and train a Roma community liaison officer who will provide you with continuous engagement with Roma families and individuals

  3. supervise and mentor Roma community liaison officers to ensure that the service they provide both fits the needs of the community and the policy of the local authority.

To discuss, please contact Alan Anstead.

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Community needs

Photo: Ciara Leeming