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As our work progresses, we will put various resources on this page that can be downloaded and used by civil society organisations, local and central government, service providers and the media.

From Segregation to Inclusion: Roma pupils in the United Kingdom

A pilot research report that analyses the impact of mainstream education in the UK on Roma pupils who had previously studied at de facto or special schools in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. For teachers, education specialists and policy makers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK.

Fact sheet: Self-employment and working for The Big Issue

A factsheet on how to register as a self-employed person and the benefits that working for The Big Issue can bring to Roma seeking a first opportunity to earn an income in the UK.

For Roma and those who help Roma to find employment.

Fact sheet: Roma from EU Member States and access to benefits in the UK

Covers the UK regulations on entitlement to benefits by nationals from A8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) and A2 countries (Bulgaria and Romania).

For government and non-governmental organisations working with Roma, in English and in Czech.

Fact sheet: Roma from EU Member States and employment conditions in the UK

Covers employment restrictions on nationals from new EU Member States (including Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme), the situation of Roma in the UK in regard to employment, and trafficking in human beings and exploitation.

For government and non-government organisations working with Roma, in English and in Czech.

What do we think of Romani people?

A research study on the relationship between the news media and an ethnic group, Romani people.  Published in October 2010, the author is Alan Anstead, the founder of Equality.  For all who want to work with or already work in the news media.

The movement of Roma from new EU Member States

A research study that mapped patterns of settlement and surveyed the situation of new Roma communities in England.  Published in 2009 for European Dialogue and the DCSF. For policy makers and practitioners wanting evidence on service provision to Roma communities.

New Roma communities in England

A strategicguide.pdf for directors and senior managers in Local Authorities and service providers on the situation of Roma from new Member States of the European Union and the role of local government and service providers in their settlement and inclusion. Published in 2009.

Getting to Know the Roma Communities in England

A basic guide for practitioners, students and teachers that answers who, why, what, is it true... questions about the Roma.

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