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Newsletter: November 2010

A monthly look at developments and news from Equality

On 10 November, Equality was registered as a charity in England and Wales by the Charity Commission.  Registration number 1138914.

We published a fact sheet on Roma from EU Member States and access to benefits in the UK on our website.  This covers the UK regulations on entitlement to benefits by nationals from A8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) and A2 countries (Bulgaria and Romania).

We also published a
fact sheet on Roma from EU Member States and employment conditions on our website.  This covers employment restrictions on nationals from new EU Member States (including Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme), the situation of Roma in the UK in regard to employment, and trafficking in human beings and exploitation.

A research study was published entitled “What do we think of Romani people?”.  This analyses the relationship between the news media and an ethnic group, Romani people.  It was presented by Alan Anstead at a conference organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations on 28 September.

On 18 October in Newark, Equality hosted a roundtable with 40 participants from DfE, EHRC, police forces, over 10 local authorities and NGOs.  Discussion centred on the likely impact on Roma families and communities of the government’s Spending Review cuts.  This ‘network’ will meet again in January 2011.  A note on the discussion is available from Lucie Fremlova.

On 5 November, Lucie Fremlova and Heather Ureche from Equality held a workshop at an inter-agency conference organised by ACERT on ‘Roma communities in the UK. The current situation and the next steps towards equality’. 

Equality has developed projects on the following issues and is seeking funding:

  1. BulletA programme to empower emerging Roma community leaders in seven areas of the UK that have high Roma migrant communities, to take the lead in building and maintaining strong community organisations that provide advice and assistance to their local Roma communities and forge partnerships with service providers to resolve employment, housing, healthcare, education and social welfare issues.

  2. Pilot research project to analyse the impact of inclusive schooling in the UK on Roma pupils who had previously attended segregated schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  3. Workshops to empower and inform Roma in the UK on how to establish and run small enterprises as self-employed people.

If you are interested in supporting any of the projects, please do get in touch with Lucie Fremlova.

Don’t forget our facebook site has a wealth of interesting material about Roma issues.