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Newsletter: January 2011

A monthly look at developments and news from Equality


In January:

The Board of the Roma Education Fund approved a proposal by Equality to carry out research on the school attainment of Czech and Slovak Roma pupils who are now studying at mainstream schools in the UK, but had previously been placed in segregated, special schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We published a blog on Equality's website in which Bill Bila discusses the economic cost to countries of not investing in the education of Roma: The Romani row, revisited.

And a blog on Equality's website by Gwendolyn Albert in which she looks at human rights opportunities and obstacles for Roma and Travellers in Europe: Progress or pitfalls ahead?

We published fact sheets on Roma and access to benefits and Roma and employment conditions in the UK in the Czech language.

On 26 January, Lucie Fremlova and Heather Ureche gave a presentation on the situation of Roma to the UK Parliament's  All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsy Roma Travellers.

Equality became a member of the UK Race and Europe Network, a membership organisation involved in combating racism at a local, national and European level.  UK-REN is the national coordinator of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

Equality is seeking funding for the following projects:

  1. Bullet A programme to empower emerging Roma community leaders in areas of the UK that have high Roma migrant communities, to take the lead in building and maintaining strong community organisations that provide advice and assistance to their local Roma communities and forge partnerships with service providers to resolve employment, housing, healthcare, education and social welfare issues.

  2. Bullet Workshops to empower and inform Roma in the UK on how to establish and run small enterprises as self-employed people.

If you are interested in supporting either project, please do get in touch with Lucie Fremlova.