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Newsletter: December 2010

A monthly look at developments and news from Equality


Mid-November to mid-December has been a very busy month for Equality:

Blog on Equality’s website by the Office for National Statistics on the important reasons why Gypsies, Roma and Travellers should complete the UK Census on 27 March 2011: Stand up and be counted.

Blog on Equality’s website by Denitsa Sacheva on why she works with and for Roma in Bulgaria: Ready to break out of the prison.

New resource page on Equality’s website listing important publications that are available on-line covering Roma and education, employment, health and housing.

On 20 November, Lucie Fremlova gave a presentation on the situation of Roma in the UK at the Pupil Parent Partnership’s Exploring the Legacy of Oppression meeting.

On 25 and 26 November, Lucie Fremlova and Heather Ureche gave presentations at the European Forum on Street Children conference on Roma and social inclusion, education and empowerment.  This event was organised by the European Federation for Street Children and the PPP.

On 26 November Czech TV broadcast a documentary on Roma and unemployment.  Lucie Fremlova was interviewed about discrimination in the labour market.  A quote: "The stories of educated and less educated Roma are complemented by a series of observations by an expert on Roma employment, Equality's Head of Programmes Lucie Fremlova."

On 10 December in Budapest, Lucie Fremlova and Heather Ureche gave expert feedback on the results of a five-country study by the European Roma Rights Centre and People in Need Slovakia on trafficking in human beings and the level of Roma affected.

On 8 December at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation seminar in Bucharest on ‘Disputed Rights: The free movement of Roma as EU citizens’, Heather Ureche led a panel discussion on ‘how can local authorities enhance the social inclusion of Roma’.

Heather Ureche is interviewed for an article in the latest CQ Global Researcher (subscription only journal) on ‘Gypsies face poor education, discrimination’.

On 10 December, Alan Anstead wrote to the Department of Communities and Local Government Minister, Andrew Stunell MP. to urge the UK Government to consider the situation of Roma during their review of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller policy.

And on 20 December, Equality wrote to the Mayor of Cluj, Romania, to remind the Romanian government of its legal obligations around the forced eviction of 774 Roma from two streets in Cluj.

Equality has become a member of the Together to School coalition, a group of sixteen Czech and international NGOs working to ensure that the Czech Ministry of Education implements the 2007 ECHR judgement on segregated education.

Equality is seeking funding for the following projects:

  1. BulletA programme to empower emerging Roma community leaders in areas of the UK that have high Roma migrant communities, to take the lead in building and maintaining strong community organisations that provide advice and assistance to their local Roma communities and forge partnerships with service providers to resolve employment, housing, healthcare, education and social welfare issues.

  2. Workshops to empower and inform Roma in the UK on how to establish and run small enterprises as self-employed people.

If you are interested in supporting either project, please do get in touch with Lucie Fremlova.

    We wish you all a merry Christmas and a very successful New Year