Newsletter: August 2011

A monthly look at developments and news from Equality


In August:

Equality completed field research into the impact of UK mainstream education on Roma who had previously been placed in de facto segregated or special schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Interviews were held in Wolverhampton, Southend, Peterborough, London and Derby. This pilot research project is supported by the Roma Education Fund. Further information on Equality's website.

On 10 August, Heather Ureche wrote a blog on Equality's website on Roma and the riots in England.

A factsheet on self employment and working for The Big Issue was posted on Equality's website. This is part of a project in which Equality is working with The Big Issue to provide further education, training and support to Roma magazine vendors.

On 21 August, The Guardian newspaper published a letter in which a number of organisations, including Equality, urged the UK government to show stronger leadership on race equality issues. Other signatories to the letter included the Runnymede Trust, Migrants Rights Network, Northern Ireland Centre for Ethnic Minorities and others.

In August, Equality's facebook page had over 1,000 people 'liking' it. Have you had a look at this news and information source on Roma issues, that is updated every day?

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